The best gluten-free skin and lip soothers

The best gluten-free skin and lip soothers for healthy lips and skin during winter

‘Tis the season for dry, cracked skin and flaky, chapped lips. The cold weather is upon us once again, and unfortunately, it brings with it some annoying beauty problems! Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality products out there that can help soothe your skin and lips. Here are some of the best gluten-free options!

For flaky, chapped lips

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask: Do you dream of repairing your cracked lips overnight? BITE Beauty can help you achieve that dream with their Agave Lip Mask. More a thick lip balm than a mask, this product is like magic—it soothes and repairs dry lips quickly. Because I prefer to wear lipstick during the day, I only use this product at night. I put it on before I go to bed, and when I wake up, my lips are improved and feel better, too. Use it more often for better results. Purchase at Sephora stores for $26 or online at

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant: If you like to wear lipstick during winter, this product is absolutely essential. If you apply lipstick over flaky, chapped lips, it often looks gross—the lipstick always seems to enhance the flakiness. The way to get rid of that flakiness is to exfoliate. Tarte’s Maracuja Lip Exfoliant is a very effective exfoliator. Just apply a light coat of it to your lips and gently rub it in. Then rinse it off, and your lips should be much smoother than before! Buy it at Sephora stores for $16 or online at

Primal Vanilla Peppermint Pucker Paste: I love, love, love this lip balm. (The proof: I was sent one for review purposes and liked it so much I went and bought more!) I love the ingredients Primal uses in it (all natural stuff that you can actually pronounce, like organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and peppermint essential oil), and I love how it feels when it’s on. The peppermint oil makes it have a slight tingle, which feels refreshing, and it tastes yummy too, kind of like a vanilla-kissed candy cane. You can get it for $4.95 on the Primal Pit Paste website. It makes a wonderful treat for yourself or a stocking stuffer for someone else!

For dry, cracked skin

Ulta Luxe Ultra-Rich Hand & Nail Cream, Coconut + Almond Milk: I love that all of Ulta’s store-brand bath and body products are gluten-free. This hand and nail cream happens to be one of my favorites from their store brand line—I keep one at my desk and one in my purse so I’m never without it. This cream is super-moisturizing with a really lovely scent (it reminds me a little bit of a snickerdoodle cookie!). They’re $11.50 each at Ulta stores and on the Ulta website. But be strategic about your purchase in order to get an even better deal! For example, Ulta often runs Buy 2, Get 2 Free deals on their store-brand stuff. If you want to stock up on these hand and nail creams, or their other gluten-free bath and body products, it’s to your benefit to wait for one of these sales to happen! (You likely won’t have to wait long; these sales seem to happen fairly frequently.) Check out this post for more details on how to save money at Ulta.

Primal Vanilla Peppermint Body Whip: When I opened this up, I was surprised by its unique texture. It’s light and soft and fluffy, and because of this, initially I wondered exactly how well it would work. But I gave it the ultimate test: I applied it to my dry, itchy calves (which I am always scratching at during the colder months), and within minutes, the itching went away. I tried the same test on my dry elbows, and the body whip worked great on them, too. The vanilla peppermint scent is pleasant but not overpowering at all, and the body whip is incredibly soothing. It’s a perfect product for wintertime. Get yours at the Primal Pit Paste website; $17.95 each.

Desert Essence Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion: One of the reasons I like this product is because it’s a great unisex lotion. My boyfriend and I both use it, and when he uses it, he doesn’t have to worry about smelling like a girl, or like food (I have a strong affinity for bath and body products that smell like delicious, edible things!). It’s very hydrating, doesn’t smell like anything, and is a really great everyday lotion. The tube is a generous eight fl. oz., and the price is right, too–$8.99. Purchase at your local Whole Foods or on the Desert Essence website.

Disclaimer: The Primal Pit Paste products mentioned in this article were provided to me for review purposes. Under no circumstances has this affected the integrity of the article. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t cover it here. See my personal disclaimer for more details.


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