Fresh, simple, delicious: Making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods

Fresh, simple, delicious--making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods: via Cheap & Easy Gluten Free

There is no more aptly-named company than Jovial. If you look up the word “jovial,” you’ll see that it means cheery, festive, good-natured, jolly…all things that you really do feel when eating Jovial’s delicious gluten-free food. When it comes to cooking, I’m a simple girl. I tend to like simple, fuss-free meals that are both safe and enjoyable to eat. Jovial’s line of gluten-free foods make it easy for me to whip up meals with […]

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Make It Easy Monday: Simple Gluten-Free Chicken Parmesan with Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Maifun Noodles

There’s tons of gluten-free pasta available in stores. But one thing there isn’t? Gluten-free angel hair pasta. At least not at any of the five different stores I regularly visit to buy gluten-free food. Luckily, there’s a really excellent alternative that is reasonably priced, tastes good, and cooks easily. But if you were expecting to find it in your store’s Italian food aisle—think again. This tasty gluten-free angel hair alternative is much more likely to […]

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Unconventional, gluten-free ways to enjoy beans

Beans are a heart-healthy food full of fiber and protein. They’re also naturally gluten-free! While some people turn their noses up at eating beans on their own (for example, as a side dish with a meal), there are tons of ways you can add this nutritional powerhouse food to a variety of gluten-free meals and snacks. Read on for a few beanlicious recipes the whole family can enjoy! Pasta made from beans Looking for a […]

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