Silky-smooth sweetness: New gluten-free chocolate truffles from Alter Eco

Have you ever tasted heaven? I have! And in my case, “heaven” comes packaged neatly in pink and orange compostable candy wrappers. You might know them as Alter Eco truffles, but to me, they’re truly divine.

I like chocolate, but I’ve never been a huge chocolate person—until now. These little gems—specifically Alter Eco’s new organic Salted Caramel Truffles and organic Sea Salt Truffles—won me over from the very first bite, and I’ve been craving them ever since.

As far as chocolates go, they’re surprisingly not bad for you, health-wise. They’re gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free, and palm kernel oil-free. They are full of scrumptious dark chocolate and coconut oil (the latter is a superfood that’s rich in healthier fats). According to the box, a serving is 3 truffles, which comes in at around 225 calories. But these chocolates were so delicious and satisfying that just one truffle at a time was always enough for me. Savoring one truffle at a time means this mouthwatering treat only sets me back 75 calories—that’s really good for such a decadent dessert or special treat!

Alter Eco’s organic Sea Salt Truffles feature an Ecuadorian dark chocolate shell with Fleur de Sel de Guerande, and a creamy center. The coconut oil makes the inside of the truffle super-smooth. You can taste hints of vanilla bean and sea salt—the sea salt particularly comes through on the last bite of the truffle, leaving you with a great flavor to savor.

Alter Eco’s organic Salted Caramel Truffles are the most delicious chocolates I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Their creamy caramel centers are decadently sweet, and the rich Ecuadorian cacao surrounding it is the perfect complement. The box they came in mentions the word “addictive,” and that’s certainly truth in advertising!

Speaking of boxes—the boxes the truffles come in are recyclable, and the truffle wrappers as well as the inner bag they come in are compostable. So once you’re done enjoying these chocolate delights, remember to be kind to the planet and get the packaging into your recycling bin and/or home compost/green bin. In fact, Alter Eco is recognized as a certified Benefit Corporation and they are dedicated to full-circle sustainability throughout its operations and supply chain.

If you prefer that your chocolate comes in bar form instead of as truffles, you’re in luck—one of Alter Eco’s other new products is their Dark Salted Burnt Caramel organic chocolate bar. Featuring 70% cocoa, crunchy caramel bits, and Fleur de Sel de Guerande, this chocolate bar is a true treat for your taste buds. One serving is half a bar, but I found myself perfectly satisfied with less than half a serving (about two squares).

One more awesome thing to note about Alter Eco: All their products are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Carbon Neutral Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Gluten-Free.

Want to try Alter Eco’s chocolates for yourself? Locally, you can find their delicious truffles and chocolate bars at Wegmans and Whole Foods. To learn more about all of Alter Eco’s products, visit

Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned in this article were provided to me for review purposes. Under no circumstances has this affected the integrity of the article. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t cover it here. See my personal disclaimer for more details.

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