Make It Easy Monday: Easy Gluten-Free Halloween Meals

The week of Halloween is a fun one for families–but also a very busy time. Kids need to be shuttled off to Halloween parties, costumes need to be purchased for trick-or-treating, and parents may even need to bring something fun for the office Halloween celebration. However you and your family celebrate Halloween, one thing is for certain: there’s lots of stuff to prepare, and not a whole lot of time to get too fancy. Luckily, these fun gluten-free fall and Halloween-themed meals are a snap to whip up on a busy weeknight!

Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding: Start the day off in a spooky way! This green breakfast treat may look a little creepy, but it’s healthy and fun to eat. What’s lurking beneath the surface? Don’t worry, nothing too sinister–it’s only grapes! Get the recipe here.

Mac and Halloweenies: An allergy-friendly twist on a kid favorite! Make a box of your favorite macaroni and cheese (I used Daiya’s cheddar-flavored Cheezy Mac, which is free of gluten, dairy, and soy); dish it out in your favorite fall or Halloween bowls. Then, microwave hot dogs (one per person, or two if someone’s really hungry–I used a pack of Oscar Mayer hot dogs that were marked gluten-free) and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Mix each person’s hot dog pieces with their mac and cheese, and voila–you’ve got macaroni and Halloweenies! (I served this meal in these spooky but gorgeous raven bowls I got at HomeGoods!)

Mummy Mini Gluten-Free Pizzas: These little pizzas dreamed up by Canyon Bakehouse are adorable! You only need three ingredients to make the pizza, plus optional toppings. Click here for the recipe!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Mac and Cheese: ‘Tis the season for pumpkin–why not add it to your macaroni and cheese? (It’s a great way to sneak another veggie into your kids’ dinner!) Even better, this delish meal is topped with bacon. What’s better than mac and cheese and bacon? Pretty much nothing. Get the recipe here!

Pumpkin Soup: Speaking of pumpkin, it’s also great in soups! Try making this super-simple pumpkin soup for your family. Just be sure to get chicken broth that’s gluten-free. Serve this soup alongside a tossed salad or a sandwich. If going the sandwich route, I recommend using Glutino white or multigrain bread with your favorite Applegate Organics meats and cheeses.

Meatloaf Hand: This meal looks totally gross…in an awesome sort of way. Read this article to learn how to make the meatloaf hand, and use this gluten-free, dairy-free recipe to make the meatloaf. This protein-packed meal will fill up your kids…and probably freak ’em out a bit, too!

Which gluten-free Halloween-themed recipe do your kids like best? Let me know in the comments below?


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