Make It Easy Monday: Delicious muffins inspired by Enjoy Life gluten-free muffin mix

Looking for a super-easy and healthy gluten-free muffin to make for breakfast? Enjoy Life Foods has got you covered!

Earlier this year, Enjoy Life released an awesome line of gluten-free baking mixes, including muffin mix, all-purpose flour mix, brownie mix, pizza crust mix, and pancake and waffle mix. These mixes stand out from the pack because they’re made with plant protein (5 grams of protein per serving, actually!) and probiotics—in fact, they’re the only gluten-free baking mixes to feature both! Plus, they’re free from gluten and the top eight allergens, so if you have additional food sensitivities, these Enjoy Life mixes are an ideal choice.

Since I love easy-to-use baking mixes, I was delighted to try making muffins with Enjoy Life’s muffin mix. I mixed up the batter, and I was able to make two different types of muffins from it. I made blueberry muffins and carob chip muffins, and both turned out delicious. The only things you need to add to the mix are a little water and oil, plus whatever yummy thing you’re planning to mix into them. It’s nice to not have to have a whole ton of ingredients on hand to make these muffins!

The most challenging part about making the muffins was figuring out how long to bake them for. The back of the box says to bake them for 10 to 20 minutes, which is a pretty wide range of time. So once the timer dinged at 10 minutes, I checked the muffins with a toothpick every 2 minutes after that, and at 22 minutes, mine were done.

Not only did I enjoy these muffins, but others—like my boyfriend, who does not have to eat gluten-free—really liked them, too. They’re great as a breakfast food, plain or with a little Earth Balance. They’re also a delicious snack (the carob chip muffins tasted pretty decadent to me, so I loved being able to snack on them!).

One important thing to note is that you should probably go easy on these muffins at first if you’re not used to probiotics. I ate two muffins the first night I made them, and my stomach was a little upset. That’s pretty typical if you jump into eating probiotics—a little tummy upset’s not uncommon, and it’s just your belly’s way of trying to get used to these “good bugs” that have suddenly shown up. So my advice is to ease into eating the muffins if you’re a probiotic newbie like I was, and have faith that if you keep eating the muffins, your tummy will adjust over time. By the time I was eating my last muffin from this batch, my tummy was like, “Oh, THESE bugs? Yeah, we’re cool now,” and I had no further issues.

Looking to make your own muffins with Enjoy Life’s gluten-free muffin mix? Click here to find a retailer near you that sells Enjoy Life products, or buy it at Enjoy Life’s online shop ($8.49 per box).

Disclaimer: The muffin mix mentioned in this article was provided to me for review purposes. Under no circumstances has this affected the integrity of the article. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t cover it here. See my personal disclaimer for more details.



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