In 2016, think Skinny!

It’s the time of year where many Americans are thinking of goals for the coming year and crafting their New Year’s resolutions. If your resolution is to lose weight, you’re not alone—that’s one of the most popular goals! If you’re gluten-free, you might be nervous, knowing that having dietary limits can pose challenges to your success; many popular weight management products on the market are formulated with ingredients that aren’t safe for you.

Luckily, you do have some safe choices—and they’re pretty tasty, too. Skinnygirl’s newest products—protein nutrition bars and protein nutrition shakes—are all gluten-free. And unlike any weirdly-textured, not-so-delicious protein bars you may have tried in the past, these are protein bars you’ll actually want to eat!

The Skinnygirl products, created by Bethenny Frankel—a reality TV star, businesswoman, best-selling author, and natural foods chef—are designed to provide straightforward solutions to women’s health concerns, such as weight management. The new protein nutrition bars and shakes are ideal for busy women on the go—they’re portable, satisfying, and healthier than many other bars and shakes on the market.

There are two flavors of Skinnygirl protein nutrition shakes available: Rich Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Bean Sundae. Each flavor contains 80 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors. They’re naturally flavored, low-fat, low-carb, and gluten-free. They taste smooth and rich, and because they each contain 12 grams of protein, they can help keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer.

Skinnygirl’s protein nutrition bars are similarly satisfying. They range from 120-150 calories per bar. Each bar also has 10 grams of protein and between 5 and 7 grams of fiber. All six varieties are gluten-free and kosher. Flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Pretzel (using gluten-free pretzels, of course!), Dark Chocolate Coconut with Almond, Lemon Swirl, Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. All of the flavors are tasty and appealing, and they satisfy cravings for sweet, crunchy, creamy, and chocolatey foods.

Skinnygirl’s protein nutrition bars and shakes are best eaten as part of a nutritious diet that includes balanced meals and plenty of fruits and veggies. These bars and shakes are delicious, convenient pick-me-ups to snack on in between meals. The protein and fiber these products contain can help keep you feeling satisfied, and they’re easy to bring along with you wherever you’re going.

Want to try Skinnygirl products? You can find them at your local Walmart as well as The protein bars come four to a box; each box is $4.88. The protein shakes come in four-packs; each pack is $5.78.

Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned in this article were provided to me for review purposes. Under no circumstances has this affected the integrity of the article. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t cover it here. See my personal disclaimer for more details.


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