Healthier Snack Ideas with Glutino Pretzels

We’re two weeks into the New Year, a time when people’s resolutions often fall by the wayside. If your goal was to eat healthier, this is the point where you may have gotten sick of salads and find yourself reaching for that Snickers bar…and feeling totally guilty about it. Fear not, though–you’re about to learn about some fun, healthier snack options, all of which incorporate Glutino‘s tasty gluten-free pretzels!

Glutino’s Pretzel Chips and hummus dip: Back away from the fattening potato chips and dip. This healthier snack choice combines salty, crunchy pretzel crisps with the hummus of your choice (there are many popular gluten-free brands, like Sabra). This savory snack is sure to satisfy your cravings!

Buffalo Style Zings: No, they’re not wings–there’s actually no chicken in this snack recipe. Pour a serving of Glutino’s Buffalo Style Pretzels into a bowl. Then open an individual-sized plain Greek yogurt, and start dipping! The combination of the zesty buffalo pretzels and tart, cool yogurt is a winner. (Who needs the bleu cheese? Answer: Not you, anymore!)

Kicked-Up Side Salad: It’s always good to snack on veggies, but if you’re bored by the thought of munching on just vegetables…you’re not alone. Spice up your greens by adding a fun crunch to your bowl. If you were expecting a traditional crouton, think again–it’s a serving of Glutino’s Honey Mustard Pretzels, sprinkled across your salad to add a satisfying, flavorful crunch!

Open-Faced Peanut Butter Sammies: No bread necessary for this filling snack! Top a handful of Glutino Pretzel Chips with dollops of peanut butter. If you want to get really fancy, top your peanut butter with a little bit of your favorite gluten-free jam. Voila–you’ve got mini peanut butter sandwiches, on crispy, crunchy pretzels! This protein-packed snack will surely keep your sweet tooth smiling.

Cheese and Crunchers: Who needs crackers when you’ve got pretzels at hand? Cut up an ounce of gluten-free cheese, like a delicious cheddar from Cabot, and combine it with either Glutino’s Pretzel Chips or Buffalo Style Pretzels. For more adventurous eaters, the cheese combined with the buffalo flavor will make your taste buds zing; for those who enjoy a more traditional snack, the Pretzel Chips are sure to satisfy.

Not only are these great “anytime” snacks, they’re also perfect for Big Game munching–serve these healthier snacks to your gluten-free guests at halftime!

To learn more about Glutino’s impressive array of flavorful gluten-free pretzels and other snacks, or to buy your favorite kind online, click here.

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