Easy Cheesy: Three Bridges’ gluten-free five cheese ravioli

Three Bridges, a company that whips up chef-crafted meals, pastas, and sauces, recently conducted a survey, asking people whether they’d rather give up the gym for the rest of their lives or give up pasta for the rest of their lives. 70 percent of respondents said they’d ditch the gym and keep the pasta. I can’t blame them—can you? As someone who’s been eating gluten-free for several years, I can identify with the scary thought of losing pasta forever. When I first became gluten-free, I was afraid of that myself! Luckily, more and more excellent gluten-free pastas are becoming available, and one of the best is made by Three Bridges.

When you wander the refrigerated aisle of your favorite grocery store, if you’re like me, you’re lucky if you find a pack of fresh gluten-free pasta, like fettucine or lasagna noodles. You don’t normally see things like fresh gluten-free ravioli in the refrigerated cases. That’s just one reason why Three Bridges’ Gluten-Free Five Cheese Ravioli is so delightful—it’s a great surprise and a fancier find than the usual plain gluten-free noodles.

I usually struggle to make gluten-free pasta well. For whatever reason, it tends to take double the amount of time the box indicates to cook, making me frustrated and hungry while cooking. That’s not the case with Three Bridges’ Gluten-Free Five Cheese Ravioli. The package says it only takes a few minutes (like, under five minutes!) to cook, and it’s actually true—I tried it out for myself and was pleasantly surprised to not be tied to the stove for a long time, willing the pasta to cook. It cooked easily and thoroughly, and was the quickest gluten-free meal I’ve made in quite some time.

Not only is Three Bridges’ Gluten-Free Five Cheese Ravioli easy to make, it’s easy to enjoy. That’s because it’s really, really good. The pasta is high-quality and doesn’t fall apart, and the cheeses inside are mouthwatering. I drizzled olive oil over my ravioli, although I’m sure it would also taste delicious with your favorite gluten-free tomato sauce. I enjoyed it as an entrée (it deserves to be the star of the show!), but it can also make a great side dish as well.

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