A taste of the tropics: Gluten-free Pina Colada Chicken

A taste of the tropics: Gluten-free Pina Colada Chicken | www.cheapeasyglutenfree.com

Now that springtime is here, it’s time for some lightened-up gluten-free recipes! Leave the hearty stews and soups of winter behind and focus on meals that incorporate fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. Since I’m kinda lazy in the kitchen, I prefer meals that are quick and easy to make, with lots of ingredients I already have on hand. There’s always chicken, peppers, onions, and canned fruit in my kitchen, so naturally, I love this super-simple […]

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Last-minute gluten-free holiday gift idea: Fun cookbooks with flavorful recipes

Holidays can be busy and overwhelming. Amidst all the hubbub, you might find that you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for someone. If you need a last-minute gift for someone who is gluten-free, a cookbook is a convenient and appreciated choice. Not only is it something the recipient can use for many years to make lots of delicious meals, but it’s also something that can be bought and shipped pretty quickly (thank you, Amazon Prime!). […]

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Simply delicious: Fresh Made Simple, a delightfully different cookbook

Take all the preconceived notions you might have about cooking—that it’s hard, it’s time-consuming, that eating healthy is boring, et cetera—and toss them out the window. Do it, right now, before you open Fresh Made Simple, a deliciously different kind of cookbook that makes it easy and fun to cook tasty, healthy meals. With this cookbook, you’ll learn that eating well is easy, flavorful, and fun. Fresh Made Simple, written by Lauren K. Stein and […]

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