Beauty Beat: Verb Haircare

Welcome to the Beauty Beat, where today’s topic du jour is an amazing, completely gluten-free haircare line out of Austin, Texas: Verb. Verb is a salon-born brand that features high-quality products offered at reasonable prices. In addition to being gluten-free, all of their products are also cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.

Sephora recently started carrying this haircare brand, and my curiosity was initially piqued because of their name. I’m a writer, so I like verbs, and so of course I had to check it out!

A set that does it all

I have fine hair that is seriously lazy. It doesn’t want to do much of anything. Well, at least not ‘til it met Verb. See, I bought the Style with Verb set because it was a bit of a bargain. In the set, you get a full-size Dry Shampoo, Sea Spray, and Leave-In Mist. You also get deluxe sample sizes of the Hydrating Conditioner and Hydrating Shampoo. I was only counting on liking maybe one or two things. I certainly wasn’t counting on liking all the full-sized products—but that’s exactly what happened!

The full-sized products

I use the Leave-In Mist as a detangling spray. I spritz a little on my wet hair right out of the shower and it really helps me get my wide-toothed comb through all the snarls. As long as you just use a little and don’t get too much near your scalp, it won’t weigh your hair down.

After my hair is combed out, I flip my head over and spray Verb’s Sea Spray at my roots, then my flip my head back to normal and spritz it through my hair. This has seriously helped my hair’s volume—and, bonus, it smells nice too!

And then once I’m done drying and styling my hair, I flip my head over again and rub some of Verb’s Dry Shampoo into my roots. This helps the hair on the top of my head—which previously didn’t even know the meaning of the word body—have some actual body. I’ve tried tons of dry shampoos before, and this is by far the best one I’ve ever used.

Why it’s a great deal

But wait, there’s more! The Style with Verb set is truly a good bargain. Here’s why:

  • The Style with Verb set is $36.00
  • On their own, each of the full-sized products this set includes would be:
    • Dry Shampoo: $14.00
    • Sea Spray: $14.00
    • Leave-in Mist: $14.00
    • For a total of…$42 if you bought them on their own, not in the set
  • So by buying the set, you SAVE $6—plus you get the deluxe sample sizes of the shampoo and conditioner!

This set was well worth the money for me, and I’ll be buying it again once I run out of all these products!

Click here to check out all the Verb products offered at Sephora.


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