Beauty Beat: Pinrose

Welcome to the Beauty Beat, where the topic du jour is a gluten-free fragrance brand that’ll leave you smelling heavenly: Pinrose!

Gluten-free perfume? Yup, it exists!

So one night I was browsing’s beauty section, which is really a dangerous thing to do when you want to buy yourself a little treat, and I stumbled upon, no joke, a gluten-free perfume brand. This was a new one to me (I’d never even thought about whether perfume should be gluten-free or not, and whether the ones I normally wear are or not!), so I was instantly intrigued. My intrigue turned into “Okay, this sampler pack looks really cool, so why not try it?” And the sampler pack turned me into a mega-fan.

Perfumed petals

If you visit or, you can purchase a bottle of Pinrose perfume. But you can also purchase these packs of what they call petals—single-use fragrance sachets. The petals are individually packaged, making them ideal for travel. You open the packet, take out the petal, and rub it on your wrists. And voila, there you are, all scented up and ready to go!

All about these heavenly scents

I haven’t made it through my entire sampler pack yet (it include 20 petals—2 of each scent), but here’s a brief rundown of the ones I’ve tried so far:

Pillowtalk Poet: My absolute favorite. Amazing, light, dreamy, powdery, intoxicating. I’d wear this every day. Didn’t make me sneeze at all, either (this is a rarity!).

Moonlight Gypsy: Powdery noir. Smells like falling in love. Sweet but not too innocent; deep and gorgeous. A lovely mess of contradictions. My second favorite out of all the scents I tried.

Secret Genius: Delectable and edible (but seriously, don’t try eating it, even though it’s gluten-free and you may be tempted to try). Sweet but not too young-smelling. Plus, I love the name!

Tambourine Dreamer: I didn’t expect to like this one, but I did. It smelled beachy to me (flowery if I put my nose too close to my wrist, though)—very light and happy, the scent of cheer.

Campfire Rebel: I was hesitant to try this one, lest someone catch a whiff of me and wonder what fire I’d just walked through. But as long as you apply this one sparingly, it’s nice. It actually does smell like a campfire—this reminded me of autumn at night in the woods. It had a peppery scent, and a hint of burning wood. It also smelled the most masculine out of all the scents.

Merry Maker: This one smelled cheerful and fruity, with a hint of green grass. If you could bottle up springtime, this would be it. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

Pinrose: I was expecting a little more from the scent that’s also the name of the brand. It’s a lovely scent, a powdery rose, but unfortunately it became cloying and clogged my sinuses after a while. I prefer Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Whip to this; the leather comes through more in that scent than in this one.

Cuddle Punk: This is one I had high hopes for—for whatever reason, I thought this would be a sweeter-smelling scent. On me, it smelled a little heady, and it soon made me a little sneezy. (And this is why a sampler pack is great—it allows you to try the scents you think you’ll like at a cheaper price than buying a full bottle, and then when you like one less than you expected, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.)

Gonna buy Pinrose? Check out these special deals and tips to help you save money!

  • If you spend $55 on Pinrose at (psst! $55 is the cost of one full-sized bottle of Pinrose perfume), you can currently get a free gift with purchase—which is the 20-petal sampler pack I bought (a $24 value)
  • If you buy from Pinrose, you can create a Make Your Own Sampler Pack—25 petals for $30. This is not available on Also on, you can find petals in the Lovebug scent, which I didn’t see on Nordstrom’s site.
  • On both Pinrose and Nordstrom’s sites, they also sell packs of petals (usually 3 different kinds in a pack), but I recommend buying the sampler pack first–it will help you get a better idea of which scents you like best. Knowing this can save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to guess whether or not you like the scent when you buy the full-sized bottle!

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