Beauty Beat: Bite Beauty

Welcome to the Beauty Beat, where the topic du jour is a high-quality, gluten-free brand of lipstick that you can purchase from Sephora: Bite Beauty.

I’ve always loved Bite Beauty’s lipsticks and lip glosses (and they’re certified gluten-free, woo-hoo!), but the full-size versions can get expensive. Glosses are usually around $22 and lipsticks start around $24. For a lipstick addict like me, that’s a lot to spend when I’m falling in love with, like, 3 colors at once!

A budget-friendly solution

Luckily, there’s a way to try some of these fab lipsticks that’s a little more budget-friendly. But HURRY—it’s usually only around for the holidays. Bite Beauty offers a fun selection of their Mix and Mingle lipsticks at $14 each. These are smaller sizes of their lipsticks, and 2 of them come in each Mix and Mingle (the lipstick is double-sided). This is a really easy way to pick a few fun colors to try without having to splurge on the full-size versions.

Click here to view all of Bite’s Mix and Mingle lipsticks. I purchased the Holly/Tannin combo (these reds are absolutely perfect for the holidays as well as everyday wear—I wear both those colors frequently!) and the Scarlet/Mulberry combo (which are darker than I normally wear, but I couldn’t resist, especially at that price!). If you’re looking for a great gluten-free stocking stuffer for yourself or a gluten-free friend, these colorful lipsticks will surely do the trick!

Don’t love the lipstick color you chose? No problem. If you purchase it from Sephora, they offer FREE returns. So if you try a product and it doesn’t work for you–for any reason–you can generally return it to Sephora for a refund. Click here to view their refund/exchange policy. I’m quite a Sephora junkie and have bought and returned a few things there for various reasons (was allergic to the scent, product wasn’t as expected, didn’t love the color, etc.), and I have always been able to return them hassle-free.


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