About Cheap & Easy Gluten Free

Hi, I’m Nikki! I’ve been gluten-free since 2011. I’m gluten-intolerant and have a whole host of other food allergies and intolerances, too (fun, right?). I’m a writer and social media manager who’s always looking to find cheaper and easier ways to handle this whole gluten-free lifestyle, and I’m here to share what I find with you! I want to make being gluten-free cheaper and easier for your family, too–that’s why I created Cheap & Easy Gluten Free.

I don’t love making complicated recipes, and I don’t love paying high prices for safe-to-eat foods. The recipes you’ll find here are on the simpler side with few ingredients, to help you stress and spend less. Some of the gluten-free products you’ll read about will also be inexpensive, but if they aren’t, it’s because they’re an easy way to help you make something safe and delicious. My focus is always on bringing you easy and/or cheap ideas that are safe for you and your family to eat!


A little note about the products I write about here on Cheap & Easy Gluten Free: If I don’t personally recommend it, I won’t write about it here. In some cases, gluten-free brands provide me with products to review with the hope that I may write about those products here, so you might sometimes see posts that are sponsored. That being said, on this site I only write about what I love, and what I think you’ll love, too. I don’t review any products I don’t believe in myself. If I don’t think something’s safe to eat, I’m not writing about it. If I think a food I bought, made, or received for review purposes tastes yucky and your kids will hate it, I’m not writing about it. If I think something is hideously overpriced, I won’t write about it. I’m here to make being gluten-free easier for you and your family–that’s what matters most to me.