A PEEP-tastic year in review

For those of you who don’t know, I’m crazy about PEEPS® marshmallow treats. In case you need proof:

  • Each holiday, PEEPS are always among my favorite treats, and I always seek them out–from the pumpkin PEEPS during the fall to the gingerbread Peeps during the winter, and the traditional chicks and bunnies during spring
  • I stockpile PEEPS from various holidays–my snack drawer in the kitchen still has a few packs of gravestone-shaped PEEPS left over from Halloween
  • In addition to just bringing home the marshmallow treats, I also have PEEPS decorations in my house for the following holidays: Easter, Halloween, and Christmas
  • I actually feel a twinge of guilt when I bite off one of the cute PEEPS bunnies’ ears. (Yeah, I’m a softie.)
  • I’m proud to be from the same state as PEEPS–let’s hear it for Pennsylvania!
  • I love finding PEEPS treats or merchandise in places you might not expect, like the store Five Below and the Zulily website (I recently bought PEEPS women’s socks and a holiday-themed PEEPS mug from the latter)

Thankfully, PEEPS are gluten-free. (Important note: The only PEEPS treat I’ve come across that isn’t gluten-free are the PEEPS on wooden kebab-like sticks that you can find at Target. The allergen information on that nutritional label indicates it may contain wheat, so if you’re gluten-free for medical reasons like I am, avoid that one. But the PEEPS in the boxes–the bunnies, chicks, dipped chicks, and seasonal shapes for holidays–are gluten-free.) They’re also delicious, inexpensive, and over the years the flavors–especially around the holidays–have become really innovative.

As I work my way through a box of snowman-shaped PEEPS, I wanted to share with you some fun pictures the PEEPS team shared with me–a PEEPS-themed “year in review” for 2015. Enjoy the sweet walk through memory lane!

American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown…


Back to the Future Day happened…

Back to the Future_v2

Remember those Deflategate shenanigans?

Deflate Gate_v2

We said goodbye to David Letterman, who retired…


And said hello to Minions at the movies…


Remember when the Pope visited the United States? (Seriously, Philly was pretty much shut down for about 4 days due to all the goings-on and security.)


The royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, was born…

Royal Baby

The new Star Wars movie came out (I haven’t seen it yet, so shhh, no spoilers!)…

Star Wars_V2

There was lots of controversy about a dress (for the record, I thought it was blue/black)…

The Dress

And the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team won the Women’s World Cup!

USA Womens Soccer

I hope you close out your 2015 in a sweet way. Happy almost-New Year!

Want more info about PEEPS–or need to stock up on your favorite marshmallow treats? Visit the PEEPS & COMPANY website.

A special thank-you to the PEEPS team for these fun images!


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