Fresh, simple, delicious: Making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods

Fresh, simple, delicious--making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods: via Cheap & Easy Gluten Free

There is no more aptly-named company than Jovial. If you look up the word “jovial,” you’ll see that it means cheery, festive, good-natured, jolly…all things that you really do feel when eating Jovial’s delicious gluten-free food.

When it comes to cooking, I’m a simple girl. I tend to like simple, fuss-free meals that are both safe and enjoyable to eat. Jovial’s line of gluten-free foods make it easy for me to whip up meals with little time and effort, but which taste fresh and delicious.

Simply delicious: Grilled chicken, spaghetti, and tomatoes

I received a sampling of Jovial’s gluten-free products for review purposes so that I could build my own delicious gluten-free meal. I decided to make healthy grilled chicken and spaghetti, using Jovial’s gluten-free brown rice spaghetti (which is also free of dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts). I grilled the chicken breasts on my Cuisinart Griddler in a matter of minutes (this is seriously the best kitchen gadget I’ve ever bought; it makes cooking meat incredibly easy), and then it was time to turn my attention to the pasta.

I was really surprised at how easy Jovial’s spaghetti was to make. When I try out new-to-me gluten-free brands, I’m always interested to check out how long it actually takes to cook. With some brands, the cooking time the package lists is far off from the actual cooking time. I was extremely pleased that this wasn’t at all the case with Jovial’s brown rice spaghetti. It cooked for the length of time the package indicated. Plus, it didn’t fall apart at all when cooking, nor was it mushy—it was perfectly al dente.

While I was cooking the pasta, I used a smaller pot to simmer some of Jovial’s 100% organic crushed tomatoes, which are gluten-free, come in BPA-free glass bottles, and don’t contain any added salt, sugar, or other additives. Once the spaghetti was done cooking and drained, I added the tomatoes to it and stirred them in evenly. The crushed tomatoes make a healthy and flavorful sauce that can complement any of Jovial’s gluten-free pasta choices.

Fresh, simple, delicious--making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods: via Cheap & Easy Gluten Free

The meal was delicious! The tomatoes were tasty, the pasta was perfectly cooked, and the chicken was a perfect protein to pair with it. The pasta didn’t taste “gluten-free” (although I assure you, it definitely was gluten-free)—it just tasted like really yummy pasta. Jovial products are made in Italy, and if anyone can make an amazing gluten-free pasta, the Italians definitely can!

But what’s for dessert?

I was really surprised that in addition to making gluten-free pasta, Jovial also makes gluten-free cookies. I was delighted to try their gluten-free fig fruit filled cookies. If you’re a gluten-free person who misses Fig Newtons, you’re in for a treat. These Jovial cookies are way better than I remember Fig Newtons ever being! The Jovial cookies are softer, more flavorful, and less dry—and, of course, totally gluten-free. Each box of Jovial cookies comes with 6 mini packs, each with 2 cookies inside. That makes these cookies perfect for bringing with you on the go, adding to your child’s lunchbox, or stashing in your desk drawer for a sweet treat that’s safe to eat.

Fresh, simple, delicious--making a healthy gluten-free meal with Jovial Foods: via Cheap & Easy Gluten Free

Why I love Jovial’s gluten-free products

Jovial Foods, Inc. was founded by a husband and wife who focused on creating high-quality organic and gluten-free products after discovering their child’s gluten sensitivity. I love that they succeeded in their mission of creating fantastic gluten-free products that are simple to make and delicious to eat. I’m also thrilled that their products are priced reasonably. For example, their crushed tomatoes sell for about $4.50 and their gluten-free brown rice pasta retails at about $4.39. That’s pretty good for high-quality gluten-free products!

Where to buy

Is your mouth watering yet? If you’re hungry for Jovial products, look for them at your local Wegmans, Giant, Whole Foods, and other great stores. You can also buy Jovial products online, or locate the nearest retailer that sells Jovial by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The Jovial Foods products mentioned in this article were provided to me for review purposes. Under no circumstances has this affected the integrity of the article. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t cover it here. See my personal disclaimer for more details.


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