Easy gluten-free dips to pair with Glutino’s new Big Pretzels

Being a Philly girl, I know a thing or two about pretzels. I’ve grown up surrounded by the best pretzels in the country, and until I went gluten-free, I took them for granted. Since going gluten-free, I’ve sampled pretty much every safe-for-me pretzel available, and although I’ve found some that I’ve enjoyed, I haven’t found any that I’ve gone bonkers about…until now. Glutino just released Big Pretzels, which are quite a bit larger than their […]

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The Easiest Gluten-Free Chicken Rice Soup

The easiest gluten-free chicken rice soup from Cheap & Easy Gluten Free: http://wp.me/p6FTQN-6s

When it comes to cooking, I’ve always been a soup kind of girl. That’s because my ideal cooking scenario goes something like this: dump food into a pot, stir it once, walk away, wander back a little while later to stir it again, come back a while later and it’s ready to eat. I am not always the most attentive chef (ooh, shiny!), so soup is always one of my go-to meals to make. I […]

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It’s time for a new spring ambassador. #VotePEEPS!

It's time for a new spring ambassador. #VotePEEPS | http://wp.me/p6FTQN-6l

As many of you can attest to after having spent the weekend hunkered down at home while it snowed for more than 24 hours straight, only to emerge the next day and spend hours digging out your plowed-in cars…winter on the East Coast really stinks. Here in the Philly area, we got—depending on the specific town—over two feet of snow, with my little burg coming in at around 26 inches. 26 inches of snowfall in […]

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Delicious gluten-free breakfasts to keep you warm on chilly winter days

Out here on the east coast, Mother Nature’s gotten serious. She means business with all these wintry winds and chilly temperatures. Besides bundling up in your snuggliest winter clothing, there’s one other way to start your chilly day off right: with a delicious, warm gluten-free breakfast. When it comes to breakfast, I fully believe in the fast part of it. I like my breakfasts quick and easy. I like to be able to take it […]

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Fun, creative, gluten-free ways to enjoy Dang toasted coconut chips

Fun, creative, gluten-free ways to enjoy Dang toasted coconut chips | www.cheapeasyglutenfree.com

I love multitaskers. When I say that, I don’t mean people (if you’re a person, it’s actually better to single-task—it’s more productive and can help you stay saner!). I mean things—specifically, yummy gluten-free things. If a gluten-free snack food can be used for more than just snacking, I consider that a win. And by that logic, Dang toasted coconut chips are an uber-win. Dang’s toasted coconut chips are awesome because they’re a healthier gluten-free snack. […]

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New year, new smile with Colgate Optic White

When you eat gluten-free for medical reasons, you need to worry about the gluten status of all products—not just food and beverages—that get into your mouth. One product that many people forget to check before buying is a product that gets used every day: toothpaste. One of the reasons I stick to using Colgate® products is because I am confident that the Optic White® products—which are my favorite ones to use—are gluten-free. (You may have […]

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Make It Easy Monday: Simple Gluten-Free Chicken Parmesan with Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Maifun Noodles

There’s tons of gluten-free pasta available in stores. But one thing there isn’t? Gluten-free angel hair pasta. At least not at any of the five different stores I regularly visit to buy gluten-free food. Luckily, there’s a really excellent alternative that is reasonably priced, tastes good, and cooks easily. But if you were expecting to find it in your store’s Italian food aisle—think again. This tasty gluten-free angel hair alternative is much more likely to […]

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